Our long odyssey

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Odysseus is born after Demian Sabini, owner of the film and commercial production company Moviement Films, decides to produce the demo of Gappo’s Legacy VR, the video game slice of a larger transmedia project including a TV show and a comic book. Odysseus was formalized as a start up company to resume production and publish the game on Steam VR and PlayStation VR platforms. 
Demian Sabini – Founder, CEO & Creative Director

He was born in Barcelona in 1980 and studied guitar, jazz and contemporary music in Los Angeles and Boston. After graduating in 2005 he moved to New York to start working as an actor, scriptwriter and director in a self-taught way.

In 2006 he completed his first short as author and protagonist, “Hello Lucy”.

In 2009 he founded his production company Moviement Films, with which he made his second work as producer and producer, the short film “What Walter Knows” and “Terrados”, his first feature film as director, protagonist and producer, with which he won the Public in the 56th Week of Cinema of Valladolid in 2011 and that managed to create with a budget of 12,000 € and without any aid or subsidy. 


Our goal is to be a leading company in the creation of VR content to generate experiences with a positive and unique impact on the user. This is what makes us different:

  • Our rich previous business background in cinema and video games
  • Constant R + D in both hardware and software
  • Triple AAA graphics and programming
  • Know how applied to tailor-made products

Our mission is simple to understand but, like any other odyssey, hard to execute. We must put the talent and experience of our team at the mercy of enhancing the enormous capacity of virtual reality as a means of entertainment and expression. A good example is our first video game, Gappo’s Legacy VR, in which we are concentrating our forces to reach a high degree of immersion and offer the player a free and complete interactive experience, where his/her aim and reflexes are the ones that will determine to a great extent the success.

Our business model focuses on both fun parks and game halls (B2B) and Steam VR and Play Station VR users (B2C).